Is Print Dead? Long Live The Internet?

Jonathan Nicholas (Leaders Elite had  a webinar yesterday and the part that I could hear (audio issues) was excellent. The subject was Print vs Internet for Real Estate purposes. Local discussions with fellow realtors in Oakville Ontario indicate that there will be reduced use of newspaper ads. The largest reason for having the ads is that the seller expects it. Personally I do not think print is dead but it is aging quickly.
I will summarize what I interpreted from Jonathan’s webinar.

  Media                                          Media Used in %              Satisfaction %

Internet                                               84                                99
newspaper                                          51                                50
brochures (glossy magazines)              31                                34

Interpretation: 84% of the people looking for real estate information will use the internet and basically all of them are satisfied with the media to answer their questions or assist them in their home search.

Jonathan suggested a mix of where realtors should spend their marketing dollars.

Media                                                  Today %                      Should Be %

Newspaper                                          39                                            8
Other Print                                          20                                            10
Yellow Pages                                      4                                              1
Direct Mail                                          17                                            15
Yard Signs                                          8                                              20
Online                                                 11                                            46

Interpretation:  Reduce newspaper expenditures and get going on the internet.
Do you agree? Where are your marketing dollars going?
Cheers ..Doug Izon P.Eng. Broker, Century 21 Dreams Inc. Oakville, Ontario 1-800-605-5909


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