Real Estate Thoughts on Family Day

Are You Thinking About Real Estate on Family Day?
Our 3 little birdies (kids) all left the nest (home) for school or personal pursuits. My wife and I could have decided to downsize and move into a trendy 1 bedroom condo from our 4 bedroom suburban home. As if we had won the lottery all 3 have returned and there is still room for them. We are truly rewarded for our real estate decisions!
As we celebrate “Family Day” in Ontario as our mid winter statutory holiday I wonder if we will be thinking about how important our real estate decisions are on our family.
Your principal residence is going to impact you and your children’s lives. Choose it wisely. Choose it informed. Get all the information possible in making that decision. Where do you live? What is there to do in the neighbourhood? How are the schools? How many kids of similar ages are in the neighbourhood? Access to public transit? etc… Research the area, visit it at different times of the day, talk to the neighbours, talk to the school boards, look for trains, boats and planes, highways, road widening, smokestacks… Understand to the best of your ability not only the home but the neighbourhood. When you think about it your principal residence has a HUGE impact on the Family.
Those who shop for a home armed with the information available through are only scratching the surface of information available to Realtors.
Ask the ones in the know.
Realtors are the ones in the know for real estate. Find one early in your search for a new principal residence. Find the Realtor who brings most to the table to assist you. Ensure that you are informed and advised professionally.
Happy Family Day! …….Family Hug!


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