The purpose of this site is to let Real Estate Professionals and the public share information regarding our Real Estate Community in the Oakville area. This site is set up by categories with an introductory post for each category. The Community may comment or introduce new subjects by “commenting” on the original post in each category. Lets give it a try and see if this is a viable way for the Community to share. I have set this site up would appreciate your comments or suggestions.   Regards  Doug Izon P.Eng. Broker, Century 21 Dreams Inc. 1-800-605-5909



  1. Great start here! This is a super mode of communicating information to the web community about real estate.

    What is your opinion of current market conditions in the Oakville Ontario Canada real estate area?

  2. eyesonoakville

    Pat Thanks for the feedback. Current market conditions in Oakville are healthy. The short explaination is that there are a lot more listings on the market making it good for buyers as they have a lot of choice. The sellers also have it good as prices are up approximately 5% from last year even though the supply of listings has increased. Sales continue at a healthy pace. Things may change and some of the people who overpriced their homes thinking the market will catch up to the price are bringing their prices back to “market value” range. Cheers Doug Izon P.Eng. Broker, Century 21 Dreams Inc. 1-800-605-5909

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