Continuous Improvement and Training

Continuous Improvement and Training


To provide optimal service for our clients we spend a considerable amount of time and money training. We train and continuously improve on technology, regulations, compliance, and the art of sales. Last week I attended a 1 day seminar put on by Brian Tracy. Brian spoke on 21st Century Selling and the Focal Point. The seminar was inspirational and I purchased the CD/DVD library on many sales topics. Personally I spend approximately 7% of my annual working hours on training. I spend 1-2 hrs each week on Webinars with Mark Leader and Leaders Elite . I was on a 3 day Super Conference with Craig Proctor and now I am going through the Brian Tracy  DVDs and CDs.  It is interesting how different training programs complement themselves. Common themes are reinforced by hearing similar training recommendations from three different viewpoints. Continuous improvement and upgrading makes me a better Realtor. I benefit directly and I believe I provide a superior experience for my clients.  Cheers  Doug Izon P.Eng., Broker, Century 21 Dreams 905-599-1265


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