Toronto Commercial Real Estate-Get Super Rich Seminar

I attended a Free Seminar today on “How to Get Super Rich with Toronto’s Commercial Real Estate”. I saw an ad in the Toronto Star and the speaker Cherif Medawar gave a great talk for 2 hours. Cherif is an excellent speaker and gave the audience of approx 200 investors lots to consider.  Cherif is the founder of the Institute of Commercial Real Estate which is a training institute. They are promoting a 1 year membership to the “Institute” which includes web site access, fellow investors interactions and commercial opportunities and listings. It was a pleasant 2 hours, I did not sign up for the 3 day session, but I did pick up some useful concepts on commercial investing. I really enjoy the “free” real estate seminars as they are a great source of information and they are also an education on how to run presentations and “close the deal”. Cheers Doug Izon, P.Eng., Broker, Century 21 Dreams Inc. 905-599-1265, ,


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