“ALL IN ONE” Real Estate Services

Quite often as Realtors we are encouraged to send our clients to their Mortgage Broker to get pre approved for a mortgage before we go house hunting. After we find their dream house they go back to their Mortgage Broker with all the details and as Realtors we wait to make sure they are approved before we remove that financing condition. The client needs to get very close and personal with two service providers- the Realtor and the Mortgage Broker.  We are encouraged to build alliances with Mortgage Brokers and to make them part of our team. There is a lot in common between Mortgage Brokers and Realtors.  Why not be both?

I am a Real Estate Broker and believe in continuous improvement in Real Estate. I was licensed as a Mortgage Broker last July 1,2008. I have taken extra courses over the last year and am now awaiting the AMP designation.

I now have a much wider range of services available to my clients. When I do both jobs well the customer experience is less complicated. I may accept leads from either side and show them that they are best served by using me for both finding and funding their purchase.

I will be more active on the mortgage side and will see how well the theory of “All In One Real Estate Services” works for my clients and my business.  I’ll keep you posted.

Cheers..Doug Izon P. Eng. Real Estate Broker, Century21 Dreams 905-599-1265 www.EyesOnOakville.com; Mortgage Broker, Centum Total Mortgage Services Inc. Lic # 10646


Contrarian or Go With The Trend?

In December 2008 in Oakville we sold 8 homes for every 100 homes for sale (8%). During the last 30 days we sold 40 homes in Oakville for every 100 for sale (40%). This is now a very healthy market.
Homes in the lower price ranges are selling well. Higher priced homes/condos  continue to sit ignored and forgotten as buyers are still licking their wounds from the stock market and banking meltdown. If you are a trend follower you may say buy a home where there is lots of action. In this case you would buy into the lower market segment that is active and has increased from its lows.
Eventually the pendulum swings and the higher priced properties will again be courted. They can only be ignored for so long. I am sitting in a high end condo doing an open house today where there are 13 listings and nothing has sold in 3 months. This will not last. The contrarian would buy the higher priced property now, when demand is low, sellers are frustrated, and prices are soft. The opportunities are many, the risks are relatively low and my contention is now is the time to buy. Now is the time to buy that property that you could not afford 7 months ago. You may not be able to afford it 7 months from now.

Cheers..Doug Izon P. Eng. Real Estate Broker, Century21 Dreams 905-599-1265 www.EyesOnOakville.com; Mortgage Broker, Centum Total Mortgage Services Inc. Lic # 10646

111 Forsythe-Waiting For Sales

Well here we are almost in April waiting for a sale in 111 Forsythe. There are12 properties available on MLS priced between $625000 and $2,160,900. Three of these are for rent and there are seven others for rent. 19 of the 68 units in the building are available on MLS. Daniels is also selling through their sales office approximately another 5 units. This  activity is not uncommon when a Condo is registered and people take title of their units. Keep in mind that things change in the 3 years that have passed since many signed on. I believe that when the snowbirds come home, the stock market continues to improve, and the warm weather comes so will the sales. With inventory high and interest rates low this may just be the time to buy. For more details on 111 Forsythe please visit http://www.111forsythe.com

Cheers..Doug Izon P. Eng. Broker Century21 Dreams 905-599-1265 www.EyesOnOakville.com

Real Estate Thoughts on Family Day

Are You Thinking About Real Estate on Family Day?
Our 3 little birdies (kids) all left the nest (home) for school or personal pursuits. My wife and I could have decided to downsize and move into a trendy 1 bedroom condo from our 4 bedroom suburban home. As if we had won the lottery all 3 have returned and there is still room for them. We are truly rewarded for our real estate decisions!
As we celebrate “Family Day” in Ontario as our mid winter statutory holiday I wonder if we will be thinking about how important our real estate decisions are on our family.
Your principal residence is going to impact you and your children’s lives. Choose it wisely. Choose it informed. Get all the information possible in making that decision. Where do you live? What is there to do in the neighbourhood? How are the schools? How many kids of similar ages are in the neighbourhood? Access to public transit? etc… Research the area, visit it at different times of the day, talk to the neighbours, talk to the school boards, look for trains, boats and planes, highways, road widening, smokestacks… Understand to the best of your ability not only the home but the neighbourhood. When you think about it your principal residence has a HUGE impact on the Family.
Those who shop for a home armed with the information available through http://www.Realtor.ca are only scratching the surface of information available to Realtors.
Ask the ones in the know.
Realtors are the ones in the know for real estate. Find one early in your search for a new principal residence. Find the Realtor who brings most to the table to assist you. Ensure that you are informed and advised professionally.
Happy Family Day! …….Family Hug!

Is Print Dead? Long Live The Internet?

Jonathan Nicholas (Leaders Elite www.leaderselite.com) had  a webinar yesterday and the part that I could hear (audio issues) was excellent. The subject was Print vs Internet for Real Estate purposes. Local discussions with fellow realtors in Oakville Ontario indicate that there will be reduced use of newspaper ads. The largest reason for having the ads is that the seller expects it. Personally I do not think print is dead but it is aging quickly.
I will summarize what I interpreted from Jonathan’s webinar.

  Media                                          Media Used in %              Satisfaction %

Internet                                               84                                99
newspaper                                          51                                50
brochures (glossy magazines)              31                                34

Interpretation: 84% of the people looking for real estate information will use the internet and basically all of them are satisfied with the media to answer their questions or assist them in their home search.

Jonathan suggested a mix of where realtors should spend their marketing dollars.

Media                                                  Today %                      Should Be %

Newspaper                                          39                                            8
Other Print                                          20                                            10
Yellow Pages                                      4                                              1
Direct Mail                                          17                                            15
Yard Signs                                          8                                              20
Online                                                 11                                            46

Interpretation:  Reduce newspaper expenditures and get going on the internet.
Do you agree? Where are your marketing dollars going?
Cheers ..Doug Izon P.Eng. Broker, Century 21 Dreams Inc. Oakville, Ontario http://www.EyesOnOakville.com 1-800-605-5909

The 8% Challenge

Home sales is not a matter of getting in a long single line and waiting your turn. It is lining up against the gym wall and being selected for the competitive sports teams.


As a realtor or as a home seller how are you handling the 8% Challenge?

The Sales to Listings Ratio (Total Sales in Month to Total # Active Listings at the end of the month) over the last 2 months in Oakville, Ontario, Canada is around 8%. What does this imply? Out of 100 available homes for sale in Oakville 8 will sell this month, 92 will not. Will your home be one of the 8 or one of the 92? You might think that next month your chances are greater to sell your house because now there are only 92 homes available and you know that 8 of those will sell and eventually the market will get around to buying your home. It is just a matter of time. The reality is that there are 16 new listings added each month replacing the 8 that sold so next month we may sell 9 out of 108 homes to maintain that 8% sales/listing ratio.

The message is that in Oakville if you want to sell your house this month the entire “package” better be in the top 8%.

Your home must be priced in the top 8%.

Your home must be staged in the top 8%.

Your home must be available, clean, inviting, and fluffed in the top 8%

Your realtor must be doing a top 8% job in marketing and selling your home.

Now the ratio mix may change and you may have a great realtor but not so great stager and still sell your home but on average with all things considered you need to be in the top 8% to sell your home this month.

What are you doing to ensure that one of the homes sold next month is yours?

What are you doing to meet the 8% challenge?


Cheers  Doug Izon P.Eng., Broker, Century 21 Dreams 905-599-1265 http://www.EyesOnOakville.com


Continuous Improvement and Training

Continuous Improvement and Training


To provide optimal service for our clients we spend a considerable amount of time and money training. We train and continuously improve on technology, regulations, compliance, and the art of sales. Last week I attended a 1 day seminar put on by Brian Tracy. Brian spoke on 21st Century Selling and the Focal Point. The seminar was inspirational and I purchased the CD/DVD library on many sales topics. Personally I spend approximately 7% of my annual working hours on training. I spend 1-2 hrs each week on Webinars with Mark Leader and Leaders Elite www.leaderselite.com . I was on a 3 day Super Conference with Craig Proctor www.quantumleapsystem.com and now I am going through the Brian Tracy www.briantracy.com  DVDs and CDs.  It is interesting how different training programs complement themselves. Common themes are reinforced by hearing similar training recommendations from three different viewpoints. Continuous improvement and upgrading makes me a better Realtor. I benefit directly and I believe I provide a superior experience for my clients.  Cheers  Doug Izon P.Eng., Broker, Century 21 Dreams 905-599-1265 www.eyesonoakville.com