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Ocean Club New Suites VIP Sales Event May 29

Be my guest to the VIP Sales Event introducting a new release of suites starting from the mid 200s. The Ocean Club overview is at but the new release will be available to purchase Tuesday May 29 at 6:oo  PM and an offsite location. Call for Details!

Cheers…Doug Izon P. Eng. Real Estate Broker, Century 21 Dreams 905-599-1265,; Mortgage Broker, AMP, Centum Total Mortgage Services Inc. Lic # 10646

From 8% to 48% in 6 Months WOW

Six months ago I wrote how the sales to listing ratio was 8% over the previous 2 months. I just ran the numbers for Oakville and over the last 30 days we sold 359 homes and there are currently 738 homes on the market. The current sales to listing ratio is 48%. How did we go from 8% to 48% in just 6 months in an environment where unemployment is high and the recovery is questioned? WOW WOW WOW I quess it answers the questions raised by my observations of multiple offers and interest rates 2 months ago

Homebuyers are telling us something here with their wallets. Is it a blip? Time will tell but just as I noted the extreme of 8% in Dec/Jan it is imperative to point out that 48% sales to listing ratio can not be sustained without reducing inventory and the subsequent supply and demand impact of higher prices. Will we cool on sales or are prices going to spike? I thnk prices are headed up-What do you think?

Cheers..Doug Izon P. Eng. Real Estate Broker, Century21 Dreams 905-599-1265; Mortgage Broker, Centum Total Mortgage Services Inc. Lic # 10646

Real Estate Thoughts on Family Day

Are You Thinking About Real Estate on Family Day?
Our 3 little birdies (kids) all left the nest (home) for school or personal pursuits. My wife and I could have decided to downsize and move into a trendy 1 bedroom condo from our 4 bedroom suburban home. As if we had won the lottery all 3 have returned and there is still room for them. We are truly rewarded for our real estate decisions!
As we celebrate “Family Day” in Ontario as our mid winter statutory holiday I wonder if we will be thinking about how important our real estate decisions are on our family.
Your principal residence is going to impact you and your children’s lives. Choose it wisely. Choose it informed. Get all the information possible in making that decision. Where do you live? What is there to do in the neighbourhood? How are the schools? How many kids of similar ages are in the neighbourhood? Access to public transit? etc… Research the area, visit it at different times of the day, talk to the neighbours, talk to the school boards, look for trains, boats and planes, highways, road widening, smokestacks… Understand to the best of your ability not only the home but the neighbourhood. When you think about it your principal residence has a HUGE impact on the Family.
Those who shop for a home armed with the information available through are only scratching the surface of information available to Realtors.
Ask the ones in the know.
Realtors are the ones in the know for real estate. Find one early in your search for a new principal residence. Find the Realtor who brings most to the table to assist you. Ensure that you are informed and advised professionally.
Happy Family Day! …….Family Hug!

Continuous Improvement and Training

Continuous Improvement and Training


To provide optimal service for our clients we spend a considerable amount of time and money training. We train and continuously improve on technology, regulations, compliance, and the art of sales. Last week I attended a 1 day seminar put on by Brian Tracy. Brian spoke on 21st Century Selling and the Focal Point. The seminar was inspirational and I purchased the CD/DVD library on many sales topics. Personally I spend approximately 7% of my annual working hours on training. I spend 1-2 hrs each week on Webinars with Mark Leader and Leaders Elite . I was on a 3 day Super Conference with Craig Proctor and now I am going through the Brian Tracy  DVDs and CDs.  It is interesting how different training programs complement themselves. Common themes are reinforced by hearing similar training recommendations from three different viewpoints. Continuous improvement and upgrading makes me a better Realtor. I benefit directly and I believe I provide a superior experience for my clients.  Cheers  Doug Izon P.Eng., Broker, Century 21 Dreams 905-599-1265


I was invited to an agents reception and a glimpse behind the gates of Edgemere Estate yesterday. I attended with four fellow realtors from Century 21 Dreams and all I can say is WOW. To quote the invitation “Edgemere will soon be home to a community of twenty-eight private condominium residences built with the highest integrity – redefining luxury, waterfront living. Residences measure from 3,600 square feet on one level to over 5,500 square feet on two levels. Prices begin at $4.6 million.” The estate home that will be removed from the site is stunning and is the nicest home I have entered in Oakville.  It will be replaced by 10 smaller buildings. Each building will have 2-3 residences and all will have great views of Lake Ontario. The property is 12.5 acres and has 1000 feet of shoreline. If you are looking for a unique luxury Oakville address to call home this may be the one. If you are interested on following a unique development on a unique piece of Lakefront then keep your eyes on Edgemere. Please call for more information. There is a great website that gives many details and contact information. At this time they are taking reservations for the residences.


Developer: Niche Developments: Marc Hewitt

Marketing/Sales: The Invidiata Team Re/Max Aboutowne Realty Corp.,Brokerage;Tracey Dunn or Christopher Invidiata 905-842-1502


Cheers:  Doug Izon P.Eng. Broker, Century 21 Dreams Inc. 1-800-605-5909

Happy Holidays

It is Saturday morning and I came into the office on Lakeshore Road for an early start. Traffic was blocked and then I realized that today is Oakville’s Santa Claus Parade I am now sitting by a large picture window watching the parade go by. For many years we would take our 3 children to the same parade from which I have many fond memories. The holiday season has officially started. What will it mean to the housing business? Will this year be different? How will I adjust my business and what activities are required to prospect, retain, and delight  customers. My personal strategy includes utilizing the internet and social networking.  I will post on individual initiatives but for now I will end with two thoughts. These were introduced by Dr. Cliff Baird in the early days of the Leaders Elite training ( . The two thoughts are::”Live Life Abundantly”, and “Fish with a Net”.  Happy Holidays!!
Cheers ..Doug Izon P.Eng. Broker, Century 21 Dreams Inc. 1-800-605-5909

How’s The Market?

I get asked frequently “How is the Market?” and I often respond with general observations and stats that are a month old. This month I am tracking daily data from the official hotsheets for Oakville and entering key info on an excel spread sheet. Last November (2007) there were 260 homes sold in the month or 8.8 homes per day. This November there are 67 solds in the first 10 days or 6.7 homes per day. The point is that the market is healthy and sales have in no way dried up. We are selling homes! If the daily actuals venture far from the expected average then more investigation is required. In a marketplace where major values (stocks, currencies, oil) fluxuate wildly it is good to have a current answer to “How’s The Market?”
Cheers ..Doug Izon P.Eng. Broker, Century 21 Dreams Inc. 1-800-605-5909