Is there a change in the wind? There are many options a builder has to market new homes. They may sell the homes themselves, offer incentives for the public or Realtors to bring buyers to them, or they may put the homes on MLS. I believe that with the current competition for buyers that more builders will be fully cooperating or putting their homes on MLS. Many condo projects already do this. The Realtor with a broad and current knowledge of new home/condo projects is in a better position to serve his buyers and take advantage of increasing cooperation with builders. Today I am going to a pizza lunch reception where a local builder is having a “Big Inventory Sale” and the builder will pay 2.5% to the cooperating broker. This builder just went from “do it yourself” to “Cooperating”. Will the next step be MLS and will other builders follow?

Cheers… Doug Izon P.Eng., Broker, Century 21 Dreams Inc. 1-800-605-5909


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