Happy Holidays

It is Saturday morning and I came into the office on Lakeshore Road for an early start. Traffic was blocked and then I realized that today is Oakville’s Santa Claus Parade I am now sitting by a large picture window watching the parade go by. For many years we would take our 3 children to the same parade from which I have many fond memories. The holiday season has officially started. What will it mean to the housing business? Will this year be different? How will I adjust my business and what activities are required to prospect, retain, and delight  customers. My personal strategy includes utilizing the internet and social networking.  I will post on individual initiatives but for now I will end with two thoughts. These were introduced by Dr. Cliff Baird in the early days of the Leaders Elite training (www.leaderselite.com) . The two thoughts are::”Live Life Abundantly”, and “Fish with a Net”.  Happy Holidays!!
Cheers ..Doug Izon P.Eng. Broker, Century 21 Dreams Inc. http://www.EyesOnOakville.com 1-800-605-5909 doug@eyesonoakville.com


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